Burch Business Park


Burch Business Park consists of three individual buildings, located in the industrial area of Ramona, California.  The height of the buildings are scaled down with the use of control joints, recessed banding and colorful metal awnings.  All of the design elements and finishes are affordable and within the prescribed construction budget.

Project Type:

New Construction
34,500 s.f.


Ramona, California




The complex houses the main offices of R.A. Burch Construction Co. Inc. and Burch Construction Co. Inc., with plenty of space remaining for lease as light industrial.
The buildings are pre-fabricated steel structures finished with stucco, colorful banding and metal awnings to define individual tenant spaces.
The materials used for the exterior as well as the interior—metal studs, drywall, lath and plaster—compliment the work performed by Burch Construction.
Even the custom conference table incorporates powder coated metal studs as a support for the glass tabletop.
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If you are in need of architectural services of any kind, I would highly recommend Carole Wylie. Carole is very well rounded in both commercial and custom home design and has designed our personal home as well as commercial development projects for our firm. She is very knowledgeable of the requirements necessary to comply with all codes and local design-review boards. Carole has some unique qualities that make her stand above her peers, she is creative, a licensed interior designer as well as an architect, and a LEED AP.

Although she does not advertise it, Carole also has a natural gift for art and drawing whereas, many architects cannot draw a free hand sketch. Renovation projects can oftentimes be more challenging than new construction because you have to work within existing parameters; Carole is equally adept with renovation and adaptation of existing spaces, as well as new construction.

Robert Burch and Mitchell Burch
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